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Lorain County Tai Chi

temporary banner for Lorain County Tai Chi

Tai chi chuan (taiji quan) is a Chinese internal martial art practiced today most commonly for its wide range of health benefits.  Physical health is improved because it is an aerobic exercise that uses even gentle movements that improve balance and flexibility.  Mental health can be affected positively as it is known as a form of meditation in motion that can help improve focus and reduce stress.  There is also self defense applications that can be learned with dedication and hard work.  This gentle yet structured martial art is defined as “Grand Ultimate” because it can be practiced by anyone at any skill level.

There are two theories behind the history of tai chi chuan.  The first is the legend of Zhang Sanfeng who lived around 600-700 years ago. Zhang, a Shoalin disciple left the temple to dedicate himself to Taoism and hermit himself at WuDang mountain.  It is there he created the origins of tai chi when he witnessed a crane and snake fighting.  He took the principles of yielding and non resistance to come up with the concept of internal martial arts.

The second and more historically proven theory is that tai chi was developed about 300 years ago in Chen Village by a martial artist named Chen WangTing.  In the early 1800’s this Chen style tai chi was learned by Yang LuChan who founded his own style.  LuChan’s grandson Yang ChenFu standardized the form into what we know today as Yang style. Tai chi, especially Yang style is highly popularized and is practiced worldwide for its health benefits, both physical and mental.